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Eilidh provided a highly personalised service that instantly made me feel at ease; she listened carefully to my thoughts and feelings about my body and my style aspirations, while taking into account my day to day lifestyle needs. The guidance Eilidh provided about my body shape and personal style was written with sensitivity, while at the same time providing straightforward, no-nonsense advice about how to dress best for my shape, which is exactly what I needed. My online personal shop with Eilidh sparked excitement and I loved the way she put whole outfits together, including accessories. The time and care that Eilidh has clearly put into the whole process made me feel very special - the whole experience was a real treat! 


Wow, my colours session was amazing! I had no idea what to expect but seeing for myself the colours that suit me was incredible. I loved every second of it and now, with my colour fan and the advice Eilidh gave me, I have so much more confidence when I am buying clothes.


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