Love Your Wardrobe

Love Your Wardrobe


Do you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Have you fallen out of love with your clothes? Or are you making a conscious effort to make more informed shopping decisions, thinking about sustainable fashion options and buying less.


I can help you make the most of items you already have. 

  • Discover outfit combinations you didn’t know you had!

  • Clear the clutter and organise your space.

  • Design a wardrobe full of clothes that flatter your shape and natural colours

  • Create streamlined seasonal wardrobes.

  • Know the key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe

What's Included? ​


Before the appointment, I will send you an email questionnaire to find out a little more about you, what you like to buy, what you struggle with and you can send me images of outfits you like or garments from your existing wardrobe that you don’t know how to style or wish you could wear more.

The session will involve  an online  appointment where you will try items on as we're talking. 

You will receive my guidance on how to wear the items you already have, creating and capturing new clothing combinations in photo form to help you remember your new looks. 


We will organise your wardrobe together and create a pile of clothes for donating, selling, repairing or customising.

But that's not all

Following your wardrobe edit you will receive bespoke documents featuring;


  • Your personal shopping list with up to 5 items carefully selected for you that could help you pull outfits together. 

  • The images captured in our session of your new outfits. 


Cost for this package: £240 ​​​​