Body Shape & Colour Analysis

Body Shape & Colour Analysis


This session will give you the knowledge and confidence to create a wardrobe you love.


Including a complete body shape and style personality assessment where we will discuss and look at your body shape and how best to dress for your own concerns and wishes. We will also look at your style personality, discovering how to wear styles that reflect you.

Before moving onto a complete colour analysis where I will use drapes to determine your colour season and whether you are warm or cool.

You will discover the colours that make you glow and the best colours of makeup to wear.


I will also teach you about colour psychology and how to wear different colours to boost your mood, increase confidence or provide a sense of calm.


At the end of the session, you will get to keep your own Seasonal Fan, a handy, visual guide, full of all the tones and colours that will suit you. I will also send you a personalised guide full of hints and tips on the shapes and styles of clothing that will suit your body and your style personality best. 


Please note this session needs to be done in person.